Dear Reader:

I’m sitting in my study, imagining the moment when you turn the first page and begin. I’m here in my chair and you’re in yours. Maybe you’re on a plane or on a couch or in bed; maybe you’re looking out a window or at the sleeping face of your child or some other beloved. And eventually, after a while — hours, days, weeks even — I imagine you turning the last page and maybe wiping away a tear, maybe sighing or smiling. Feeling happy! Not that the book is over but that there is some kind of joy in your heart to believe that two people who want to love and be loved can, if they are lucky and also patient, find their way home. To each other.

jar lights

About Elizabeth Rosner

Prize-winning author of novels ELECTRIC CITY, THE SPEED OF LIGHT, and BLUE NUDE. New poetry GRAVITY.
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